Lower emissions with the ABCAT®

The ABCAT® woodsmokefilter makes it possible to burn a wood stove with fewer emissions. The catalytic converter in the ABCAT® tackles harmful and annoying particles in the wood smoke.

As a result, the emissions of particulate matter, harmful compounds and odor are significantly reduced.

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What is important?

A decent woodstove, chimney, fuel and operation are important. The better this basic situation, the better the ABCAT® can function. Furthermore, it is important that the output of the stove matches the ABCAT®.

Read the ABCAT® manual for more on this or inform with your salesperson.

Download the ABCAT® Handbook here

ABCAT® versions

The ABCAT® woodsmokefilter is available in three lenghts, in 125, 130, 150, 180 and 200mm diameter.

There is a special 190mm long ABCAT® for wood burners with a rear exhaust close to the wall.
This short ABCAT® is available in 130 and 150mm diameter.

All ABCAT®'s are available in unpainted stainless steel or black lacquered.